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#7 9´6 // 16-19 GRAM // MEDIUM FAST ACTION
A delicate fly rod with considerable feeling and power. Perfect on the coast. The rod offers a medium/fast action and it tackles all kinds of basic casting with an extreme compensatory ability. Are you looking for a sensitive rod, but at the same time one that handles great power exertions without ‘kneeling,’ this is definitely a rod to check out. Besides coastal fly-fishing, this rod also performs extremely well on rivers and when fishing inland with big streamers.


kr 7 590,00 Regular Price
kr 3 795,00Sale Price
  • You will experience fighting the fish with a rod that is more sensitive in the lower section – one that bends through out the whole butt section and handle. When long runs occur, you will also experience how the rod absorbs sudden jolts and tires the fish without straining the leader.