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Choose the right fly line for you!

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The success behind our innovative fly lines is our MicroDiameter (MD) running line, which is the thinnest line available on the market! 

The thin running line causes less friction against your fly rods guides and less wind disturbance. Your MD fly line will "shoot" extremely efficient and ensure longer casts with less effort


The design of our fly lines provides you with what is most important when fly fishing - having THE FLY out there IN THE WATER as much as possible. 



The unique color code helps you identify the line on your fly reel with one quick look.


For the Compact 2.0 and GreenVelvet fly lines each weight class has it`s own color code, which you find both on your fly rod and on the running line / loop of your fly line. Weight #6 is blue - so all class 6 fly lines have a blue running line /loop. Now you just have to learn the belly color of your fly line series and density and with one quick look you know which fly line is on your fly reel - never search for unreadable print codes on your fly line again!



When we decided to add 4-meter Handling Zones between the Heads and the Running Lines of all our fly lines, we initially did this for two reasons:

  • A 4-meter Handling Zone that is 0,10 mm thicker than the Running Line will act as a prolongation of the Rear Taper of a fly line. This will provide better line balance when casting and allow you to hold more line in the air before shooting.

  • A thicker Handling Zone will also protect the most vulnerable parts of your fly line when casting.

BUT we soon discovered another important advantage of the Handling Zone. One that required ColorConcept rethinking.

Most of today’s fly lines (including ours) are two-colored: One color for the Head and one for the Running Line. For standard fly casting one is advised to "shoot" when the Head and a meter of Running Line is outside the Tip Guide. This makes it sometimes difficult to see where the transition between the Head color and Running Line color takes place. We have changed this completely:

With the 3C -ColorControlConcept- we have moved the color change area to the end of the 4-meter Handling Zone. With the already mentioned 1-meter overhang and about 3 meters of fly rod, this means you can now HOLD the color change area in your very hand. Easier to see in different light conditions and easier to understand when to "shoot". If you want to hold more line in the air before shooting, the color change area will still be somewhere along the length of the rod and still be easier to see. 

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