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The internationally patented Free-Flex System


A hollow handle, that allows the blank to flex deeper inside

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The benefitS?

You will intuitively improve your fly casting technique! 

You will experience effortless casting like never before!


We broke the Free-Flex System down for you.

Check out our 7 Free-Flex Effects.

The 7 Free-Flex Effects! 

by Mathias Lilleheim,

Product Development Manager 

7 Reasons why you should own an ArcticSilver fly rod, too!!!

1.   The "damping" effect

When good fly casters stop their fly casting strokes to create effective loops, these stops are neither sudden nor abrupt. They continue moving – through the stop – to “dampen” the inevitable oscillations of their fly rod as these oscillations lead to waves in the line, affecting the loop negatively.

The “Free-Flex-System” with its deep flex is inherently dampening and will therefore assist you in your struggles to dampen your fly rod. It will automatically help you towards better fly casting.

Your loops will become more effective than ever before!

2.   The "smooth transition" effect

Fly casting is “filled with” crucial transitions. Lifting the line off the water, changing the direction of the line between back- and forward casting strokes and going from a spey-casting D-loop cast to the forward stroke.


To time and “capture” these transitions effectively, good fly casters use a careful and controlled “false start”. Just before the line has turned over after a back-cast, they will “false start” their forward stroke in a careful and controlled way to “smoothen” this transition and to gain contact between a straight line and a slightly bent rod as early as possible. They can SENSE the fly rod flexing, sense the “heaviness” gradually materializing when the rod bends towards the weight and direction of the line going the opposite way.

Because the Free-Flex-System let`s you literally feel the flex of your fly rod in your hand, you are able to sense all of this earlier and better than if you are casting a traditional cork fly rod.

3.   The "looser grip" effect

Far too many fly fishers are using too strong of a grip on the handle. A lot of beginners are unknowingly trying to “kill” their fly rods, but even experienced fly-fishers tend to grip harder than necessary.

Too strong grips will inhibit your ability to use your fly rod effectively, often resulting in negative drifting (“creeping”), that will reduce the potential pathways of the tip of your fly rod. Shorter pathways mean that you must increase force to cast the same distance and too much force will lower the chances of good presentations.

The combination of the “Free-Flex-System” and the shape of the handle, will gradually help you relax your grip and contribute to a fly casting style where you use less force to cast longer and more precise. Win, win!

4.   The "balance" effect

The slightly increased weight of the Free-Flex handle, moves the balance of the fly rod towards its butt end.

Producing fly rods that weigh next to nothing, using gradually higher grades of carbon, is a goal many brands aim for.

We do the same, BUT we let our handle add weight to the butt end of the rod! Here the weight is located in the right place and balances our fly rods perfectly. The tip of the rod will feel lighter, both when casting and especially when fishing. You need less force to hold the rod when stripping your line or when letting the current drift your line down the river.



Main weight


5.   The "Whoohoo" effect

The blank of a Free-Flex fly rod is attached to the handle just under your hand.

Every time you fight a fish, the energy from the fish frantically trying to get away from you, will be transferred through the blank, directly into the palm of your hand.

There are no words to explain this feeling! You just have to experience it yourself! It will put a smile on you face! WhooHoo!

6.   The "lose less fish" effect

Even without significant data from scientific experiments, we believe that the deep flex of the “Free-Flex-System” will help you hook a higher percentage of the fish attacking your flies AND help you lose less of them.

Especially when you have to use thin and delicate tippets to make suspicious fish take.

Design uten navn.png

7.   The "cool guy" effect

If you fish an ArcticSilver fly rod you are probably aware of all the benefits the Free-Flex System provides you with!


You know your stuff! 


AND you are not afraid of "sticking out" in a crowd.


Welcome to the ArcticSilver family of "cool guys and girls"!


The “Free-Flex-System” will help you relax when fly casting and fly fishing. There is an intuitive and ergonomic quality to our deep flexing rods that will guide you through the critical phases of fly casting strokes and gradually steer you towards more effortless styles that will put less strain on your body. AND you will never forget that feeling, when fighting a fish on these fly rods! 

How about fishing all day for a week or two, WITHOUT any stiffness or pain in your arms, shoulders, or spine? No guarantee, of course, BUT from the feedback of our customers we experience that the negative effects of continuous fly casting are drastically reduced with a Free-Flex fly rod.

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