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The “Free-Flex-System” will help you relax when fly casting and fly fishing. There is an intuitive and ergonomic quality to our deep flexing rods that will guide you through the critical phases of fly casting strokes and gradually steer you towards more effortless styles that will put less strain on your body. AND you will never forget that feeling, when fighting a fish on these fly rods! 

How about fishing all day for a week or two, WITHOUT any stiffness or pain in your arms, shoulders, or spine? No guarantee, of course, BUT from the feedback of our customers we experience that the negative effects of continuous fly casting are drastically reduced with a Free-Flex fly rod.

The FONNA comes in #4-#7; where #4 and #5 are perfectly suited for those who enjoy slower and soft presentation casts; while the #6 and #7 with their fast action guarantee for long and powerful casts; still leaving the caster with a lot of "feeling" thanks to the deep bending Free-Flex system.

The handle is made of high modular carbon-based materials (40%) with extreme strength and low weight.​

The Quick-Lock system is 100% CNC-machined and made out of aluminum 6061 with a tolerance of +/- 0.05mm. All aluminum parts are corrosion- treated with a hard anodizing process.

The FONNA fly rod is our newest fly rod. The FONNA fly rod is made with a carbon fiber mix consisting of mainly 40 Ton carbon.


To ensure optimal Recovery Speeds and durability, we have marginally increased the thickness of the blank walls and optimized the “roll-on” angles of the different carbon sheets the blanks consist of.


The Flex Profiles (how much of a rod that bends when moderately loaded) are carefully chosen for each of the FONNA fly rod and securing the smoothness of unbroken bending curves have been one of our most important priorities. The FONNA fly rod series consists of four top quality rods that provide fly fishing excellence at affordable prices.

The FONNA fly rod is equipped with titanium stripping guides, and hard chrome plate snake guides.


The design of the FONNA completes the industrial style of our handle to the perfection. With the blank only being sanded and protected by a transparent matt coating, the carbon color, structure and reinforcements are still perceptible; giving this fly rod its modern rough look. While the glossy black wrapping is adding just the right amount of elegance to this fly rod.


The FONNA is perfectly suited for customers wanting to enjoy the Free-Flex-Feeling at a slightly lower price than our ZENSE model - but are still looking for a high-quality fly rod.

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