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1: Why should I buy a Free-Flex fly rod?

The ground-breaking and innovative Free-Flex handle is designed on the basis of the logical principle that a rod’s power potential is situated in the butt section of the blank. ArcticSilver rods use the full power potential in the rod’s bottom section by letting the blank load inside a hollow handle. The Free-Flex handle allows the butt section of the blank to load with energy – it’s simple and it works!


ArcticSilver’s Free-Flex rods represent a new category of fly rods making for a unique feeling, improved ergonomics, precision and effortless distance. The concept is protected by international patents.

2: What are the advantages of a hollow handle?

• Better use of the blank’s power potential – the blank bends all the way into the butt section, when fully loaded

• Improved loading ability – makes it possible to cast further with less use of force/energy

• The blank is more sensitive – both when it comes to short and long casts

• The blank will bend more freely when fighting fish, and the contact/feeling is more refined and sensitive

• The blank bends freely, you’ll lose fewer fish to sudden jerks and runs – and your tippet will be less strained


3: What kind of guarantee does the Free-Flex rods come with?

The Zense fly rods blanks are covered by a first owner lifetime warranty against material defects.

Material (blanks) defects are material- or production flaws or errors that cause the rod to be disfunctional.
(Not ordinary wear and tear or self-inflicted damage).

Should your ArcticSilver fly rod prove defective, please return the defective rod section to the ArcticSilver repair department (Contact-info), and we will repair or send you a new section at a shipping- and administrative fee of 500NOK.

In the unfortunate event that you should break a section of your ArcticSilver fly rod, we can offer a fast ‘no questions asked’ service at a minimal shipping and handling fee of 750NOK, which will be invoiced with the delivery. (Please note that the fee for a new Free-Flex handle bottom section is 1250NOK).

4: What payment methods does the ArcticSilver webshop offer?

You may buy a new ArcticSilver product via our webshop:

Payments are handled by Credit card or PayPal. Ad products to your shopping cart. Follow the instructions and pay. You’ll now receive an email from PayPal confirming that the transaction has been completed. ArcticSilver will receive the same confirmation email, and we will then speedily handle your order and send the product(s) by post – with an attached payment confirmation. Depending on where you live, delivery should take somewhere between 3-9 days.



5: I’ve been fly fishing for 22 years. If I buy a Free-Flex rod do I have to change my casting style?

No, you don’t need to change your casting style to cast with a Free-Flex rod. The rods can be cast effectively no matter what casting style you prefer, and they provide great feedback. You will, however, improve your overall casting experience by slowing down your casting rhythm a little bit, by ‘listening’ to the rod and relaxing. You will feel how deep the rod bends and how well it performs with minimum amounts of energy applied.


6: Are the rod guides saltswater proof?

The guides on our Free-Flex rods are anodized for saltwater conditions. All the rod components we use are anodized. We have done the ultimate test in Belize where the rods have been fished daily for more than six months.


7: Are there any limitations to what reels fit in the Quick-Lock reel seat?

During the developmental phase, we tested more than 100 different top-brand reels, and they all fit snugly on our Free-Flex rods. Up until now, we have only received reports that a couple of custom-made reel feet – and certain Backwinder and Einarsson reels – don’t fit in the Quick-Lock system.



8: What are the blanks made of?

The Free-Flex are made from the most recent high-end (46T) Nano-Carbon materials and the blanks are covered by a lifetime warranty.


9: Why aren’t the ArcticSilver rods made with cork handles?

Unfortunately cork isn’t strong enough to be the basis material for the Free-Flex handle. Therefore, we have employed the toughest carbon-composite materials available in the market. This has allowed us to achieve a light and at the same time powerful handle that will endure great stress. The material is very expensive, but in order to ensure optimal functionality, we have made no compromises.

The innovative Free-Flex design is based on a simple but logical principle that a rod’s power potential lies in the butt section of the blank. Arctic Silver’s rods use the full power potential of the blank by allowing it to bend freely inside a hollow Free-Flex handle.


This lets you load the rod all the way into the butt section of the blank, where the rod’s power potential is stored. The internationally patented concept has led to a series of fly rods with an array of benefits in terms of: power potential, unique feeling, sensitive fish fighting finesse, precision, clicks-based reel seat, ergonomically shaped and comfortable handle, harmonious casting, delicacy and unique design.


10: Why are the Free-Flex handles rectangular shaped?

Being made from advanced carbon composite material, the Free-Flex handles are moulded/cast. This means that we have been able to design handles differently than traditional cork handles. What you’ll realize when casting a Free-Flex rod is that the handle provides a superb and firm grip – and great ergonomics. The rectangular shape helps you cast in straight lines and it gives the blank great directional stability. This not only helps optimize the energy flow in your cast – for improved casting distance, it also helps you cast with greater precision.


We’ve all experienced how a hammer has been developed to work with the human hand. The elliptical formed handle/shaft helps us swing the hammer in a straight line and hit the nail with precision. The ‘Free-Flex’ handle is based on the same hammer-shaft principles. It is elliptically formed, and has led to many experiencing a feeling of casting with precision. Due to its form, the ‘Free-Flex’ innovation intuitively provides a cast that follows a bettered linear line and therefore optimizes not only the loop speed, but also the direction, balance and stability of the loop. This means that one can create a cast of greater energy efficiency.


11: I own a Free-Flex #7 rod and I’ve noticed that I’m now achieving more harmonious loops. Can this relate to the construction of the handle?

We don’t have any clinical research in this area, but a lot of fly fishermen give us unsolicited feedback that they cast more harmoniously with the Free-Flex rods. This probably has to do with the Free-Flex handles being hollow – something that relates to the hand/handle fixating the blank.


The perfect fly cast is a product of minute details. An overhead cast, for instance, is based on a smooth, linear acceleration coming to an abrupt stop. In this stop unwanted vibrations and instability is caused by the restrictions that emanate from a rigid cork handle and a firm grip around the blank. (In other words there is a mismatch between a flexible blank and a stiff handle/grip). Eminent casters will compensate by ‘easing the grip’ in time, but with the


Free-Flex rods this isn’t necessary. Since the Free-Flex blank isn’t restricted by your grip, the blank’s movement – and thus the loop – will be much more harmonious.


12: I should have liked to be able to test a Free-Flex rod against a conventional rod based on the exact same blank… Is this possible?

We have actually developed a number of demo-rods with cork so people can get a feel for the difference between a cork handle and a Free-Flex handle. The blank is the exact same!


There is no doubt that the Free-Flex rod loads deeper and generates energy with less use of force. The construction provides a unique casting experience, one that will become very evident when casting a conventional rod after having fished with a Free-Flex rod for a prolonged period of time.


Fly fishing is not primarily about hitting long distances but often finesse and presentation. However, there are times when distance and effort will produce results. For instance, when fishing for sea trout along a windswept coast or when a trout rises along the opposite bank. One of the most unique things with the ‘Free Flex’ rods is that many experience them as sensitive at all distances, but at the same time let you tap into the full power potential in the butt section of the blank. It is due to the butt section not being restrained by a stiff, glued-on handle.