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Available 1st September 2024

Only a limited number will be available for the first production!

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the switch-flex system explained

The Switch-Flex system guarantees you full flexibility in your fishing. You can not only change the butt section of the handle to an end cap, fighting butt or switch butt. You can in addition change your fly rod blanks inside the handle to adapt to the exact fishing situation you are facing.

switch-flex benefits

  • Reduced weight & space when traveling.

  • Less money spent, when purchasing one Switch-Flex handle and several blanks.

  • Less environmental impact by using only one Switch-Flex handle to build several fly rods.

the switch-flex handle

flexibility in a class of its own


our 6 switch-flex series

Picture Pricelist_edited.png

The FJORD fly rod series with its range of 5 weight classes and a fast action design, is perfect for those who prefer powerful rods and often fish in challenging weather conditions. Utilizing graphene technology, the Fjord rods deliver enhanced recovery speed, allowing for longer and more accurate casts.

Chart Fjord new.png
Picture Pricelist_edited.png

Experience the ultimate in fly fishing performance with the RISE fly rod series. With 4 different weight classes to choose from, these medium action rods offer the perfect balance of finesse and power. Made with graphene technology, the RISE series provides exceptional precise casting and presentation.

RISE - CHarts new.png
Picture Pricelist_edited.png

The DANICA fly rod series offers a range of 3 different weight classes, each one designed with deep action to provide for a unique focus on precision and elegance. These rods are crafted to offer smooth accelerations and help present the fly with precision. Using graphene technology, this fly rod series provides the extra sensitivity especially dry fly fishers are looking for.

Danica Chart.png
Picture Pricelist_edited.png

Introducing our RIVER fly rods, the ultimate Switch rod experience for you looking for lightweight yet powerful performance (coming 2025). By incorporating cutting-edge graphene technology, these rods deliver unparalleled strength and durability without sacrificing on weight. Say goodbye to the heavy lifting of traditional double-handed rods and hello to effortless casting and precision. The new RIVER series - where power meets finesse on every cast.

RIVER new all.png
Picture Pricelist.png

The three rods in the BEAST series have been designed to master the difficult combination of effectively casting huge, heavy and air-resisting flies AND to, equally effectively, fight the predators attacking them. It takes a BEAST to catch a BEAST!

In addition this series also includes the UltimateBEAST. In comparison to its relatives this graphene-based # 9 8,8` predator hunter is lighter and faster and has a Flex Profile just over 1/2 (just under half the rod bends when moderately loaded).

beast chart2.png
Ultimate Chart.png
Picture Pricelist.png

The FONNA fly rod series is the perfect option for fly fishers looking for a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing performance. Available in 5 weight classes ranging from a delicate 3wt to a powerful 7wt, these rods offer versatility and durability for all your fly fishing adventures.

cHART-fONNA 2.png
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