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length: 30 m/98.5 ft
head: 10,9 m/ 35 ft

Sinking rate Intermediate: 1.3 IPS

Availabel in: #3-10Float, #5-10Intermediate


ABOUT THE GreenVelvet

With its medium long belly (10,9 meter) and a delicate taper this fly line is designed for careful presentation at various distances with little use of power. Long and smooth flights, tight loops and little water disturbance when landing and stripping your fly! This desirable mix of distance and precision will increase your chances of catching the fish of your dreams.


GreenVelvet - BENEFITS:

  • Long and smooth flights with tight loops.
  • Little water disturbance when landing your fly.
  • Taper allows for both spey and overhead casting.


The GreenVelvet allows for high precision casts, even on longer distances. Long and stable flights result in a beautiful presentation on the water!

Mathias Lilleheim, Product Development manager


kr 925,00Price

    All our fly lines are equipped with a 4 meter handling zone, which ensures:

    • smoother transition towards the tip for better turnover and presentation.
    • the possibility to hold more line in the air; without losing control over loops and flights.
    • better durability of the most vulnerable part of your fly line.


    The Compact GreenVelvet is equipped with a unique colour code, that easily lets you identify the fly line on your fly reel. The colour on the running line of our fly lines lets you determine the weight class; the bellycolor of each fly line lets you identify the model and sinking speed. Never struggle to read unreadable small laser codes again!