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length: 30,48 m/100 ft
head: 9,14 m/ 30 ft

Strength: 30lbs


Color: Float - Light purple/white; Intermediate - Purple-glass/white; F/S3 - Dark purple/white; S2/S4 - Dark Grey/Purple.


This new series of fly lines has been designed to effectively cast, AND turn over, big, heavy and voluminous flies with a minimum of effort. Combining line control with excellent turnover qualities, demands a fine balance between the two, and we have found that balance. A fine-tuned weight distribution, a short, but not too short, front taper and a 4-meter handling zone are among the success ingredients we have chosen for these lines.


Compact BEAST lines shoot like crazy and if you combine them with the new BEAST and ULTIMATE BEAST fly rods, your hunt for blood thirsty predators will probably infuse your blood stream with excitingly dangerous levels of pure adrenaline.


NEW! 3C-ColorControlConcept:

With the ColorControlConcept we have moved the color change area from head to running line to the end of the 4-meter Handling Zone.


With 1-meter overhang and about 3 meters of fly rod, this means you will now HOLD the color change area in your hand. Easier to see in different light conditions and easier to understand when to "shoot". If you want to hold more line in the air before shooting, the color change area will still be somewhere along the length of the rod and still be easier to see. 


    kr 925,00Price
    • CompactBeast Benefits:

      • Turn over big flies with minimum effort
      • get the line fast out into