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Because we care!!!

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OUR 1% Projects 2019-2023
River Preservation Group Havelse Å
Havelse Å Vandplejegruppen
This group is dedicated to create a natural self-reproduction trout stock in the Havelse river system.
Under the Ølsted & Frederiksværk Anglers Association this group is extremely active with many volunteers using many freetime-hours to work towards a naturally self-reproducing trout population. 
This goal is motivated by a desire to create recreational values, in an environmentally sound nature. To find out more about the work of this voluntary project click here.
Seatrout preservation at Hvaler and Hvaler JFF
Norway and the local anglers association at Hvaler are working hard to restore in total 9 local sea trout streams that are in critical condition.  A lot of hours of volunteer work and passion lays behind this project. We really think that this group of people have deserved a big thanks. For detailed information about the project visit or visit the local anglers association here Hvaler JFF
River renaturation and restocking
Fario e.V. Berlin/Brandenburg

Established 25 years ago now counting more than 100 members Fario e.V. Berlin/Brandenburg from Germany works with both renaturation and salmonids restocking of two local rivers in Brandenburg, operating their own salmon, seatrout and brown trout hatchery.


Freeing these two rivers of barriers and creating a preserving self-sustainable salmonids stock are the major goals of Fario e.V. For more information visit Fario`s website or follow them on Facebook here.

We are proud to announce, that ArcticSilver is the first European Fly Fishing Brand who is part of the 1% for the planet program.

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