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About Us

Internationally Patented Free-Flex System  

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2006-2009 from idea to Testing

ArcticSilver is the story of how the combination of chronic tenovaginitis (acute or chronic inflammation of the tendon sheath, occurring in the region of the hand, the wrist joint, and forearm) and a passion for design became the start of a creative process – one that turned into a genuine fly-fishing innovation. The combination of tireless MAC-work and long stints of fly-fishing resulted in two years of agonising chronic tenovaginitis, for the founder of the Free-Flex System, Robert Selfors.  It did something to him!  Many questions arose, like can a rod be developed that makes casting possible with radically less force? During casting instruction many years ago, Robert noted how the casting instructor emphasized ‘that a rod's power potential lies in the butt section of the rod'. This doctrine became his focal point in terms of designing the unique Free-Flex concept. Drawing pads and tools were brought to the table, and, for a period, the garage became the developmental workspace for the first prototypes. The first tests gave him all the answers he needed to move on. It worked! 


2014-2018 from First production into the world

In 2014 the first 120 Free-Flex Rods were presented into the Scandinavian marked. These rods were called Limited Edition. Within weeks the rods were sold out and the potential of the innovation became clear. 

In 2017 the new ZENSE replaced the Limited Edition and also our MicroDiameter (MD) Lines came into the marked. The perfect combination of the ZENSE and the MD Lines made sales grow fast.

2014-2018 ArcticSilver becomes popular in all the Scandinavian markeds with over 20 Dealers in these countries. 

2010-2013 from Testing to realization

A cross-disciplinary team of experts from SINTEF (A company for the industrial and technical research and development) helped optimize the handle’s construction and production technology. Together with some of Scandinavia’s most accomplished Industrial Designers, ArcticSilver developed a new category of fly rods based on the Free-Flex concept.
Production Partners were established and other icons within the Fly Fishing industry were consulted. After thoroughly prototyping, measuring and testing, it was finally clear. The first rods were ready to hit the marked.


2019-Today - Scaling UP to become a world business

2019 - CEO KAtharina Fugger joins ArcticSilver and the company is truly going worldwide. The german speaking countries in Europe are entered with extraordinary success and ArcticSilver is represented on many major european fly fishing fairs. 

A distributors agreement with ArcticSilver USA ist signed. The first batch with rods is shipped to the USA. 

Mathias Lilleheim join the company as Product Development Manager and the Free-Flex System is taken into thoroughly physical examination by Mathias and his team.


The result is stunning - the main benefits of the Free-Flex System are even greater than earlier assumed. The reason fly fishers feel they can cast further with less effort when using an ArcticSilver fly rod is that the Free-Flex System leads the fly caster to intuitively improve his/her fly casting techniques. 

To illustrate these technical advantages Mathias develops the 7-Free-Flex Effects which ever since are the main marketing tools for the ArcticSilver fly rods! 

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