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About Mathias Lilleheim

Mathias is one of the most experienced product developers in the European fly-fishing industry and has for the past 15 years been product developer for three well-established European fly-fishing brands.
Mathias has won a variety of international and national medals and titles in various fly-casting disciplines. He has two silver- and two bronze medals from two different fly-casting World Championships, a double-digit number of gold medals through two decades of Norwegian Fly-Casting Championships and he has also won golds, silvers and bronzes at different international fly-casting compe-titions in Japan, Sweden, England and Ireland.
Mathias is the author of two books about fly fishing: “The perfect cast” - short stories from a life of fly-fishing - and “zzzzaP” – a book with a slightly different approach on how to learn fly-casting.

Mathias`s approach on 

Product Development

Mathias has worked almost 30 years as a training consultant at the Norwegian Olympic Training Center – also called "Olympiatoppen". When the athletes all have the same goal – to win medals at Olympic Games and World Championships – the trainers have to perform at the highest level, too.
Mathias has transferred this single-minded stubbornness from training world class athletes to the “art” of developing fly-rods and fly-lines to a world of fly-fishers from different categories. His optimal goal is to design fly-fishing equipment that will help all fly-fishers to better their casting and fishing techniques.
Furthermore, Mathias has been a fly-casting instructor for both beginners and experts for over 35 years. He uses the knowledge gained from these clients to develop products for both beginners and experts.
Teaching people from different age groups and backgrounds to fly-cast or to become better fly-casters, is an extremely rewarding activity that Mathias could not do without.

The concept used by the Norwegian Hunting and Fishing Association to educate and authorize official fly-casting instructors for almost 20 years, has been developed by Mathias. He has personally authorized over 150 of these instructors.
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Mathias Lilleheim and ArcticSilver

The Internationally Patented Free-Flex-System is the perfect tool for Mathias to develop fly-fishing equipment that will help fly-fishers become more relaxed when casting and, through that, improve their fly-casting techniques.
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The Free-Flex-system

and Mathias

will be a

perfect match!

"With Mathias on board we will lift ArcticSilver to a whole new level of fly fishing experience"
CEO, ArcticSilver Katharina Fugger
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