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Designed by
Mathias Lilleheim

The “Free-Flex-System” will help you relax when fly casting and fly fishing. There is an intuitive and ergonomic quality to our deep flexing rods that will guide you through the critical phases of fly casting strokes and gradually steer you towards more effortless styles that will put less strain on your body. AND you will never forget that feeling, when fighting a fish on these fly rods! 

How about fishing all day for a week or two, WITHOUT any stiffness or pain in your arms, shoulders, or spine? No guarantee, of course, BUT from the feedback of our customers we experience that the negative effects of continuous fly casting are drastically reduced with a Free-Flex fly rod.

This brand-new fly rod series is first and foremost, made to catch toothy aquatic predators like pike, zander (pike-perch) and hucho taimen, but we are also thinking about big browns and about some of our saltwater giants like haddock, coalfish and halibut.  

The three rods in the BEAST series have been designed to master the difficult combination of effectively casting huge, heavy and air-resisting flies AND to, equally effectively, fight the predators attacking them. We are talking about rods with a Flex Profile of just under 1/2 (just under half the rod bends when moderately loaded), with smooth bending curves and relatively fast Recovery Speeds.  

The BEAST is based on high quality 40T carbon (tip section 30t carbon). The fly rods are equipped with titanium frame stripping guides with SiC rings, and hard chrome plate snake guides.


The  BEAST comes with a transparent matt purple-carbon effect coating. If you point your rods upwards you will sense a purple shimmer on your carbon blank. Pointing your fly rods down, the shimmer will disappear and the blank will show its carbon color. Pitch black wrappings with silver threads round up the unforgettable unique design! 


Get ready for a new experience of predator fly fishing. Wake up the BEAST in you!


This one-rod series takes the best qualities of the BEAST rods and elevates them to another dimension. 

We have used the absolutely best carbon and resins on the market.


This graphene-based # 9 8,8` predator hunter is faster than its relatives and has a Flex Profile just over 1/2 (just over half the rod bends when moderately loaded).


The ULTIMATE BEAST - for those of you chasing the ultimate experience!

BEAST Ultimate (coming 2022)

The rods themselves are 4-piece blanks. The handle is made of high modular carbon-based materials (40%) with extreme strength and low weight.​

The design-protected Quick-Lock system is a user-friendly reel seat with a spring-loaded lock system that locks the reel into place. With one simple movement, it secures and firmly holds the reel in position. The Quick-Lock system is 100% CNC-machined and made out of aluminum 6061 with a tolerance of +/- 0.05mm. All aluminum parts are corrosion-treated with a Hard Anodizing process.

Big fly predator fly rod.

Internationally patented Free-Flex System.

40T (30T) carbon blank.

Titanium Stipping guides with ceramic rings.

Hard chrome plate snake guides.

Transparent purple-carbon effect coating.

Pitch black wrappings and silver threads.

Smooth bending curves and fast recovery speed.