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Length: 11,5 m/ 37 ft

Classifications: #9-10


ArcticSilver RD Line benefits:
• Fishing made easier: Easy lift and pick up of your sinking line

• Improved energy transfer: Lower diameter

• High line speed: Long flight & Smooth presentations

• Strong braided core with tough bonding to the coating

• Strong, welded microloops on both ends

• Taper allows for both spey and overhead casting
Why use the RD-lines?
With this concept, sink-line fishing for big salmon is made allot easier. These dual density lines have the Reverse Density compared to conventional shooting heads. Picking up and casting will be easier in running water. When the heavier rear end sinks, the lighter tip will be pushed down due to the water pressure. When lifting your rod-tip, the water pressure will make the line level out higher in the water. If you put your rod-tip down and leave some slack, the line will sink deeper and level out there. Control your  fishing depth to a large extent! The heavier density close to your rod tip transfer more energy from your rod into the line. You migth cast longer than ever before. Try it. 

2H Shooting Head RD S4/S2

kr 789,00 Regular Price
kr 315,60Sale Price
  • The MD fly lines will work with any rod. But the combination of the Free-Flex concept and MD lines are a perfect match, the lines having been tuned with each rod in the ASI-range. These two innovations make casting easier and less power consuming on their own: The combination even more so! Flycasting made easy!