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While our first IC3 #7/8 limited edition fly reel sold out in a blink, we are excited, that the first 60 fly reels of it's little brother the IC3 #5/6 fly reel have arrived. The IC3 #5/6 comes as an individually numbered limited edition of only 200 fly reels in total. 

The IC3 #5/6 has the same diameter as the IC3 # 7/8 but is narrower and lighter than its big brother and comes in a silky matt black color.

The IC3 combines modern design with the good old nostalgic deep clicking sound of the run. The unmistakable signal “you have got fish on”.

It has a click and pawl drag system, which three levels of over spooling protection. 

The IC3 allows for both left- and right handed operation!

Extra spool available!

The close full frame gives the fly reel extra stability and torsion stiffness and prevents pull through of the leader and fly line.

The quick-spool release system makes it easy to release and change the spool or retriever direction from left to right.

The large arbor center spool provides fast line retrieve. 

The two large PEEK ball bearings with Ceramic balls make the fly reel run smooth and extra stable.

The IC3 fly reel spool, frame and center hub are made from light weight and strong 6061-T6 forged aluminum, which make them super durable.

All parts are Type II anodized for better wear resistance.

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Modern and futuristic hubless fly reel!

Click and pawl drag system with the distinguish sound of a run both forward and reverse wind! 2 different sets of clickers included for strong and soft over spooling protection, both with 3 different overspooling strengths. 

Full frame and quick-spool release mechanism.

Large arbor for fast line retrieve.

Precisely counterbalanced.

Allows for both left- and right-handed operation with ergonomic handle.

Two large PEEK bearings (65mm*5/7mm) with Ceramic balls (Si3N4) and nylon cage for torsion stiffness and smooth drag.  


Cage and spool made from forged 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum.

Hard anodized for surface protection and corrosion resistance.

Delivered in neoprene fly reel case and reusable fly reel packaging.

Design and quality control in Norway – manufactured in one of the finest fly reel factories in South-Korea!

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- Product presentation

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