MD Compact Fly lines 8,5m

Our compact lines have a 8,5meter head and total length line is 30meter. The compact line is incredibly popular in windy conditions and where there is little space for the backcast. 

A true rocket!


Our Microdiameter Flylines are among the thinnest fly lines available on the marked! The lower diameter of the running line of our MD fly lines have the following benefits:

  • Effortless casting also in windy conditions.
  • Longer casts due to less resistance against guides and wind.
  • More space on your reel.


You might just cast longer than ever before!

MD Compact Fly lines 8,5m

kr 439,00Price
  • Benefits Compact Line - Head 8,5meter

    The short belly and high-density coating gives you a fly line that maximizes energy from the rod, so you can achieve long casts with less use of power.

    • Fast loading due to short belly and High line speed
    • Perfect for small rivers and coastal fishing
    • Taper allows for both spey and overhead casting


    All our lines come with:

    • Strong braided core with tough bonding to the coating
    • Strong, welded microloops on both ends
    • Taper that allows for both spey and overhead casting
  • Classification

    Head Length

    Head Weight



    11,2 grams



    12,5 grams



    14,5 grams



    17,0 grams



    18,5 grams


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