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length: 30,48 m/100 ft
head: 13,41 m/ 44 ft

Available in: #4-6Float, #6-7Intermediate

Color: Float - Creme yellow/Green; Intermediate - Glass/Yellow Green.


Standard Long Belly lines have traditionally been “labeled” as lines only for very experienced fly fishers, but we just wouldn’t accept that conclusion,

SO WE DESIGNED A COMPLETELY NEW SERIES OF LONG-HEADED WF-FLYLINES THAT SIMPLY DEFIES OLD PREJUDICES AND MYTHS. The weight distribution is so BALANCED, that it feels like these lines just defy gravity. The distance potential is extreme, and the turnover capabilities are almost “frightening”.


This brand-new LONG BALANCE fly line series has been designed for all of you that prefer fishing lakes, wider rivers or coastal salt water for sea trout and sea bass. Not only can you reach unbelievable distances, but you will also dramatically increase your ability to accurately present your flies, at all distances.

Long Balance - Float & Int.

kr 925,00Price

    All our fly lines are equipped with a 4 meter handling zone, which ensures:

    • smoother transition towards the tip for better turnover and presentation.
    • the possibility to hold more line in the air; without losing control over loops and flights.
    • better durability of the most vulnerable part of your fly line.


    • Long and smooth flights.
    • Tight loops.
    • Little water disturbance when landing the fly.
    • Perfectly balanced!