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#9 9´ BEAST // 20-22 GRAM // MED/FAST ACTION

The name speaks for itself. It takes a BEAST to hunt a beast. This brand-new fly rod series is first and foremost, made to catch toothy aquatic predators like pike, zander (pike-perch) and hucho taimen, but we are also thinking about big browns and about some of our saltwater giants like haddock, coalfish and halibut.


kr 5 690,00 Regular Price
kr 4 552,00Sale Price
  • The three rods in the BEAST series have been designed to master the difficult combination of effectively casting huge, heavy and air-resisting flies AND to, equally effectively, fight the predators attacking them. We are talking about rods with a Flex Profile of just under 1/2 (just under half the rod bends when moderately loaded), with smooth bending curves and relatively fast Recovery Speeds.