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Gen.2 of the world’s most exciting and innovative rod concept is now a reality. The patented ZENSE rods are loaded with new ultra strong and resilient blanks, stronger handle and stronger titanium guides. To withstand great stress and power exertion, the handle is made by high-modular carbon-based materials, with extreme strength and low weight.

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LIMITED EDITION // Individually numbered // Only 3-7 Titanium rods is made for the world marked, each #.

ArcticSilver are now introducing the exclusive ZENSE Titanium Edition // The world's most exciting and innovative rod concept. The Exclusive Titanium Edition rods offer the very best in fittings and design. You will feel the difference! Only 3-7 Titanium Limited Edition rods are for sale per individual rod classification.  Individually numbered! That’s it! Lifetime warranty. The ultra strong and resilient blanks are made with the very best Nano-Carbon material available. Pure TITANIUM parts. Only 3-7 rods will be made for the world marked, each #