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REEL Maintenance and cAre

If you buy yourself a Porsche, you would not drive in through mud and then just set it outside in storm and ice. You would not just randomly bump into things or park it in the middle of the street. You would make sure you attend regular service with it and handle it with care. The same should apply for your (high-value) Fly Rod. 

The ArcticSilver Fly reels are built to handle the toughest of conditions, but like all fly reels in general, they will certainly benefit from some basic care and attention along the way. Fly fishing often puts some real pressure on your gear, as does the forces of nature; humidity, varying temperatures, UV exposure, salt spray, sand, mud, and coral – they all take a toll on your beloved fly fishing equipment.

Here are some useful tips that will help you look after your ArcticSilver fly reel:

Service and maintenance

Occasional disassembling and rinsing under fresh water will keep you reel going smooth for a long time!

Make sure to always let the components dry completely before re-assembly!

No oil or lubricant is needed to maintain you fly reel. 

Saltwater use:  

Always rinse your reel with fresh water after use in salt water environment. Occasionally disassemble your reel and rinse spool, frame and frame holder thoroughly by:

Removing the frame holder and rinsing it properly under fresh water; including the ball bearing.

Removing the spool and rinsing both frame and spool under fresh water; including the ball bearing.


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