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from idea to realization

ArcticSilver is the story of how the combination of chronic tenovaginitis (acute or chronic inflammation of the tendon sheath, occurring in the region of the hand, the wrist joint, and forearm) and a passion for design became the start of a creative process – one that turned into a genuine fly-fishing innovation. The combination of tireless MAC-work and long stints of fly-fishing resulted in two years of agonising chronic tenovaginitis.  It does something to you!  Especially when one is, a passionate fly-fisherman and you suddenly cannot fish as much as you would like to. Many questions arose, like can a rod be developed that makes casting possible with radically less force? During casting instruction many years ago, I noted how the casting instructor emphasized ‘that a rod's power potential lies in the butt section of the rod'. This doctrine became my focal point in terms of designing the unique Free-Flex concept. Drawing pads and tools were brought to the table, and, for a period, the garage became the developmental workspace for the first prototypes. The first tests gave me all the answers I needed to move on. It worked! A cross-disciplinary team of experts from SINTEF (A company for the industrial and technical research and development) helped optimize the handle’s construction and production technology. Together with some of Scandinavia’s most accomplished Industriel Designers, ArcticSilver has now developed a new category of fly rods based on the Free-Flex concept.
Robert Selfors


the story

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