MICRO-DIAMETER Single handed fly lines //

· Short belly 8,5-9 meter
· Highly effective casting - fewer back casts
· User-friendly in crammed conditions
· Highly effective for coastal fishing and for      small- and medium sized rivers

A Brand New innovation from ArcticSilver

MICRO-DIAMETER Single handed fly lines //

MD Compact


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The high-density coating gives you a fly line that maximizes energy from the rod, so you can achieve long casts with less use of power.

ArcticSilver’s new MD (Micro-Diameter) fly lines feature an extremely low diameter giving the lines excellent wind- cutting properties. The lines are super-stable during flight. Prices are with VAT

• Fast loading due to short belly and High line speed

• Perfect for small rivers and coastal fishing

• Low diameter helps cut through the wind. Improved energy transfer

Taper allows for both spey and overhead casting
• Low diameter allows for more space on reel

• Strong microloops both ends
• Strong braided core with tough bonding to the coating

one back cast and let "the rocket fly”

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