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We’re excited to introduce some rather radical innovations - the result of new ideas and concepts that will enhance your casting experience. All developed and based on the basic principles of physics. As passionate flyfishermen, our core motivation is to develop products  that enhance the overall user experience. We are all part of the same family: Flyfishing is our identity, and we are all out there to experience new magic moments with fly rods in our hands  //  Enjoy your fishing!

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Feel the difference that makes your flyfishing more fun



The ZENSE rods

The internationally patented ZENSE rods



Whats unique with the Free-flex concept?


•    With the Free-Flex concept you will experience the sensitive feeling,

      both when it comes to casting and fighting fish
•    Better use of the blank’s power potential

•    The blank bends into the butt section inside the hollow handle, when fully loaded
•    The blank will bend more freely when fighting fish = more
•    Improved loading ability – makes it possible to cast long with less use of energy
•    Because the blank bends freely, you might lose fewer fish to sudden jerks and

      runs – and your tippet will be less strained


loaded with new ultra strong and resilient blanks, stronger handle and stronger titanium guides.

ArcticSilver’s innovative new Micro-Diameter fly lines have been named “game changers” and “BEST of the best” in in-depth reviews (For instance: Alt Om Fiske).

ArcticSilver’s new MD (Micro-Diameter) fly lines feature an extremely low diameter giving the lines excellent windcutting properties. The lines are super-stable during flight, which makes them land incredibly straight. This gives you longer casts and instant contact with your fly.


Micro-Diameter lines (MD)




This is what you migth experience, using the MD-lines:
• Low diameter helps cut through the wind
• Taper allows for both spey and overhead casting
• High line speed and improved energy transfer
• Less water disturbance
• Low diameter allows for more space on your reel
• Strong, welded microloops on both ends
• Less spray on pick ups
• Strong braided core with tough bonding to the coating



The high-density coating gives you a fly line that maximizes energy from the rod, so you can achieve long casts with less use of power.The MD fly lines will work with any rod. But the combination of the Free-Flex concept and MD lines are a perfect match, the lines having been tuned with each rod in the ASI-range. With these two innovations fly casting becomes more tangible, energy efficient, and simple.


achieve long casts with less use of power



in test

lines (MD)




Perfect match

The MD fly lines will normally work with any rod. But the combination of the Free-Flex concept and MD lines are a perfect match. With these two innovations fly casting becomes more  tangible, energy efficient, and simple.

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