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MD Grey-Ghost and Compact Allround Flylines

ArcticSilver’s MD (MicroDiameter) fly lines feature an extremely low diameter giving the lines excellent wind- cutting properties. The lines are super stable during flight. The high-density coating gives you a fly line that maximizes energy from the rod, so you can achieve long casts with less use of power.
Available in #4-8//  Length: 27m/89ft  // Head length: 10m/33ft

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Benefits Grey-Ghost MD Allround fly line 10 meter:

Smooth presentation of loops in the air.

Smooth presentation on the water. 

No fish-spooking​.

All our lines come with:

Strong braided core with tough bonding to the coating.

Strong, welded micro loops on both ends.

Taper that allows for both spey and overhead casting.

Technical Data MD Grey Ghost
2019-MD Spec-27m.jpg
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